Sanatorium «Yantar»

About sanatorium

On the Baltic Sea coast, in the town Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad region) lies Yantar , well known sea resort.

The swimming season starts in June and lasts till the end of August. Throughout the swimming season, the average sea temperature along Svetlogorsk coast is between 17 and 20 degrees. Because of a very mild climate, the sea never freezes in winter.

The autumn and spring monsoons elevate iodine content of the air along the costal line. Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, which control metabolic rate and energy levels, and extremely beneficial to human health.

Regardless of the season, the guests of Yantar experience first-handedly, what climatotherapy is all about: pure ionized air and sea bathing beneficially influence the general condition and enhances the immune system.

Peat muds and natural mineral water from the local source help to heal the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system diseases, nervous system disorders, respiratory and digestive system diseases.