Nurse - sounds proud!

The nurse of the physiotherapeutic department of the «Yantar» sanatorium, Irina Mikhailovna Staromatkina, has been working for the health of patients for 33 years.

The work of Irina Mikhailovna began in 1987 as the medical sister of the Pioneer Central City Hospital in Kaliningrad in the Department of Pediatrics. For three years, Irina Mikhailovna, performing the appointments of doctors, guarded the health of small patients. Without wasting time, the young specialist improved her skills and knowledge, mastered new directions in professional activity. In 1999, Irina Mikhailovna passed the certification cycle in the specialty «Physiotherapy».

Employees of the Company are well aware of the importance of high-quality medical, including preventive, assistance in the work of railway workers. Currently, for 30 years, the nurse of the sanatorium «Yantar» I.M.Staromatkina helps to maintain the physical health and harmonious emotional state of railway workers.

Many years of work experience allows Irina Mikhailovna to competently and professionally fulfill the appointments of doctors, to closely monitor the state of health of patients during their stay in the sanatorium. Irina Mikhailovna releases physiotherapeutic procedures to the guests of the sanatorium, clearly monitors compliance with their regulations, accompanying patients at all stages, from the beginning to the end of manipulation, monitoring their condition.

For a long time of work in the Society, Irina Mikhailovna proved herself as a competent, competent and highly organized employee, a decent, attentive and creative person. Her services are marked by the gratitude of the Director General of JSCo «RZD-ZDOROVIE» «For many years of conscientious work in the railway transport and significant contribution to the development of the recovery system of the Holding»,as well as a special encouragement of management in 2020 to the Day of the railway worker - sign «Honorary Worker JSCo «RZD-ZDOROVIE».

Guests of the sanatorium speak very well about Irina Mikhailovna and thank her for creating an atmosphere of calm and peace during their stay in the sanatorium.