After the epidemic - «EASY BREATHING»

At JSCo «RZD-ZDOROVIE» special medical programs «EASY BREATHING» are built for people who have undergone a new coronavirus infection, as well as for those who want to combine rest with preventive measures to increase immunity and strengthen the body's antiviral protection. The programs were built in all resorts according to the standard project and are aimed not only at restoring the protective functions of the body, but also at eliminating the remote consequences of the COVID-19 suffered by the respiratory and other systems of the body, as well as stabilizing mental health after suffering a stressful situation.

In addition, in each sanatorium, each program includes a unique «highlight»: for example, in the Baltic sanatorium of Svetlogorsk «Yantar» to maintain the respiratory and cardiovascular system there is a unique medical complex of artificial microclimate - amber pyramid, and in the sanatoriums «Don» и «Radon» to stimulate immunity, vacationers are offered radon baths from the natural mineral water of a local deposit. In the sanatorium «Buran» near Moscow, intravenous ozone therapy procedures are included in the new sanatorium program. Complex balneological procedures: iodine, pearl, foam-liquorice baths are offered to vacationers in the sanatorium «Dolina Narzanov» in the city of Zheleznovodsk. The sanatorium «Sosnoviy Bor», which specializes in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, has specialized modern medical equipment for additional diagnosis, restoration and normalization of the bronchopulmonary system.And in the Altai sanatorium of the resort city of Belokurikha «Transsib» the program includes antler baths based on fresh decoction from the real horns of young Maral deer.

It is difficult to list the unique treatment and recovery options of each of the 19 JSCo «RZD-ZDOROVIE»sanatoriums, but the new medical programs «EASY BREATHING» in each of them, they guarantee active recovery from infection and stress, as well as effective prevention of viral and other diseases.