Sanatoriums of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE» are the best in Russia!

A delegation of JSC ««RZD-ZDOROVIE»» brought 7 gold medals from the all-Russian forum «Zdravnitsa-2019» the main professional event in the field of spa treatment and business, held in May 2019 in the resort city of Alushta. So many awards were awarded to our sanatoriums for the first time since the existence of the Society.


  The gold medal in the nomination «The Best Association of Sanatorium and Resort Organizations» confirmed the status of a leader in the Russian market of sanatorium and resort services. The gold medal «Zdravnitsa-2019 » «For the formation of a new concept of health care» was awarded to JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE» for the priority of the family format of recreation and health, and concern for children's health. This year, this concept was supplemented by the introduction of the «Classic Sanatorium Program (for women)»; in all the sanatoriums of the Company; This is a program designed specifically for the beautiful half of humanity to maintain women's health, which allows you to combine a complete rest with personal care.


  Sanatorium «Dolina of Narzanov» in the city of Kislovodsk was awarded the Gold Medal «Zdravnitsa-2019» in the nomination «The best health resort for families» precisely for the successful implementation of this concept: in addition to caring for women's health, all conditions for families with children are created here: for children are equipped with a children's room with a tutor, a living area, a playground, in the summer there is a water park.


  Gold medal «Zdravnitsa-2019» in the nomination «The best sanatorium for the integrated recovery; was awarded a sanatorium «Yantar» - one of the best resorts of the Kaliningrad region, equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment and a unique relaxing and harmonizing pyramid made of natural amber.


  Sanatorium «Dolina of Narzanov» in Essentuki was awarded the Gold medal «Zdravnitsa-2019» in the nomination «The Best Health Resort for the Use of Natural Factors» - for the attention paid to effective sanatorium technologies aimed at the rational use of natural resources and improving the quality of medical care.


  Sanatorium «Volzhskie Dali» in the Saratov Region received the Gold Medal «Zdravnitsa-2019» in the nomination «The Best Health Resort in Medical Rehabilitation» - for the experience gained in the rehabilitation of patients after joint replacement.


 «The best resort» Russian resort called Sanatorium «Oktyabrskyi» - оmarked the merits of the sanatorium in the development of new medical technologies and the unique infrastructure on the territory of the sanatorium has not only a water park, but also a real zoo – the only one in the city of Sochi.


In a word, any of the resorts of JSC «RZD-ZDOROVIE» is the best place in Russia for recreation, treatment and prevention of various diseases. At any time of the year, effective healing and good mood are guaranteed!