The territory is densely populated by pine trees. The woods can be accessed at many different points, but all paths eventually lead you to the sea. The ozone-rich and healthy pine forest air in conjunction with iodinated sea air will have an intense and invigorating effect on the body and the soul.

There are various historical buildings along the town’s promenade: balneary with its tower is the town’s landmark; the buildings of the Hunting Lodge and the Organ Hall (former St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Chapel); the Municipal Larch Park featuring sculptures by Hermann Brachert (“The Water Carrier” and “The Nymph”), the Sundial at the bottom of the grand stairway, the main descent to the sea; the bronze Frog Princess in the public garden across from the new building of Svetlogorsk-2 railway station and other monuments of the past and modern architectural marvels.

We offer a large choice of sightseeing tours: Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region (the Curonian Spit, Yantarny, Baltiysk, Zelenogradsk, the Castles of East Prussia, etc.), and if you have a Schengen visa stamped in your passport, we can arrange some exciting trips to Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic or Germany.